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Changes to the website

It has been roughly one year since the last news on this website. Here are some of the changes that have implemented recently, in the hope to center the scope of tensorly towards useful information for everyone.

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TensorLy: a first step towards vertical collaboration?

Since the TRICAP2018 conference, where it was decided that the signal processing community should try to work together to produce, among others, an efficient software for tensor problems (see the presentation here), nothing has really been done to actually start the development of such a toolbox. This is probably due to the immense work that is required to lay the first stones to this project. In this post, I would like to draw the attention of our community on a newly developped package for Python: TensorLy. I will first present the package, then discuss its advantages and flaws with respect to the other toolboxes available for MATLAB such as Tensorlab or Tensor Toolbox, and finally I will try to provide a guide map for how to improve TensorLy to match our goals.

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